The Gamakatsu SL12S Big Game Blue Water Hook is a multi world-record big game fly hook was designed by the great US saltwater fly fisherman Trey Combs for chasing big fish on fly. In larger sizes this is the ultimate fly hook for targeting sailfish and small marlin, in smaller and medium sizes this is an outstanding hook to use on Big Deceivers, Flashy Profiles, Pink Things and Clouser Minnows for barra, and all other tropical species.

Plus, for those of you tying Game Changer and Finesse Changer flies, the Gamakatsu SL12S is a great hook for a variety of these style of fly patterns. It is the hook of choice by Blane Chocklett for use in the Finesse Changer fly tying kit for use with the Anchored Outdoors fly tying class at the start of 2021.

If you’re interested in tying this fly and want all the materials in one, easy to grab kit, you can find the Chocklett’s Finesse Chnager Fly Tying Kit here. Anchored Outdoors members are able to take part in the interactive online fly tying class, or have access to the video footage after the class to help work through the materials and techniques involved.

Tin plated. Very Sharp. Super tough.

Pack Quantities vary depending on hook size.
2 – 12 hooks
1/0 – 12 hooks
2/0 – 10 hooks
4/0 – 7 hooks
6/0 – 6 hooks
8/0 – 4 hooks

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