Troutlore - Fly tying materials Australia - Small stream fishing for trout on the fly

Troutlore offers a wide range of fly tying materials, tools and vises for sale within Australia via our online fly shop. As well as hand tied flies, we also stock all the materials you need to tie your own flies, along with a selection of fishing tools, lines and leaders.



We stock a wide range of flytying materials, that is continually growing. This includes feathers, hooks, synthetics, foam, fur, hair, beads, wire, thread, braid, tubing and other materials.



We have an ever growing range of flytying tools from around the world, coming from a range of manufacturers. Available foe sale in Australia, the tools we stock include bobbin, bodkin, whip finisher, glues & wax, scissors, hair stacker, hackle pliers and others.



We keep a great range of flytying vises to meet your tying needs. We try to offer a range of vise, or vices, that are not easily found within Australia, so you can have access to the fly tying vice that you want, with quick delivery and Australian warranty.



We also have a growing range of feathers for your flytying needs. We source all sorts of featehrs for both wet and dry flies including cock necks and capes, rooster saddles, hen necks, hen saddles, soft hackle varieties, marabou, biots, quills, pheasant tails, guinea fowl, peacock herl and more.



We stock fly tying materials, tools and vises from a wide range of manufacturers and distributors. These include, but are not limited to, Hareline Dubbin, Flymen Fishing Co, Regal Vise, HMH Vise, Stonfo, Loon Outdoors, Ahrex Hooks, Daiichi Hooks, Firehole Sticks, Griffin Vises & Tools, Veevus Threads, Nature’s Spirit Fly Tying Materials, Spirit River Materials, RIO Products, Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers and ZAP glues.