trout·lore  (trout′lôr′)

1. The traditional beliefs, myths, tales, and practices of catching a trout, transmitted orally.

1.1  A body of widely accepted but usually spurious notions about a river, lake, or creek : “River Troutlore”


This all started when I was seven years old and my father would take me to drown worms in a local estuary, chasing bream and getting snagged. That was some time ago now, time that has seen me floating in boats, sitting on sand and hopping across rocks chasing fish. It was all fun and games until I took to a fly rod and that changed everything. Ever since I landed my first trout on fly, I have never cast another sort of rod again. This was the beginning of an obsession that has grown from a lifelong passion.

Jump forward a number of years to when one mate decided he needed to clear out some fly tying materials and sold them to another mate. It wasn’t long before he realized that he too didn’t need all of it either and decided to clear some of these materials out. Several years later and this spring cleaning of the tying desk slowly but surely evolved into what you see today, the Troutlore fly tying store.

What we intend to offer is the best range of fly tying materials for all flytiers in Australia. We are constantly searching for new materials and tools to add to the range of products we stock so that you can find everything you need on one location.

Furthermore, we aim to keep close to 100% of products in stock at all times. Obviously this cannot always happen, but we do strive to keep stock levels up to a point that allows you to buy with confidence. We don’t like zeros in our stock levels, so you don;t have to worry about your orders not being filled. If it is shown as in stock, it;s a pretty good bet that is is actually in stock. We do not operate on an indent, or drop-shipping system like some other stores sometimes do. We carry the stock so that you can get the materials you need, when you need them.

We strive to always fill you orders right away and are always happy to chase up products that you might be looking for when you can’t find them in our ever growing catalogue. If you want something and can’t find it, just ask. We are always here to help… at least when we aren’t out fishing. And if we are, we’ll help you out when we return from the river.

So, from our shelves, to your vise, Troutlore aims to give you the best fly tying materials possible from all over the world, ready for sale in Australia. Hopefully we can help you get onto that next big fish. Until then, tight lines.





Rob Gee

Troutlore Owner & Founder