The closed season for salmonids in 2023 is from midnight on Monday 12th June, to midnight on Friday 1st September. This means you cannot fish until Saturday morning, 2nd September.

During this time, anglers must not take or possess trout or salmon in rivers and streams, with the exception of waters designated ‘Sea-run trout’.

Total ban on all hook and line fishing during salmonid closed season in tailrace rivers.

Tailrace rivers are:

Goulburn River below Eildon Pondage
Kiewa River
Mitta Mitta River
Tanjil River

No closed season in lakes and impoundments. The boundary between a lake and a river is the point at which the flowing water of the river meets the backed-up waters of the lake, regardless of the water level of the lake.

Limited designated sea-run rivers in the west of the state have sections open all year round.

Please refer to the following site for full details :

New regulations with greater limitations are in place for sections of Nariel Creek, Mitta Mitta River, Ovens River and all of Rubicon River.

The 2023 – 2024 Victorian Salmonid Season closes at midnight on Monday June 1oth 2024


General trout streams, artificial fly and lure streams.

Tuesday after the June long weekend to the last Friday prior to the start of the October long weekend.

Trout spawning streams.

Tuesday after the June long weekend until midnight 30 April the following year. Rules for artificial fly and lure streams apply from the start of the October long weekend until 30 April.

Please refer to the following site for full details :


Most inland waters are open for angling in line with the brown trout season. This runs from the first Saturday of August in any year to the Sunday nearest the 30 April in the next year. A smaller number of rainbow waters are open in line with the rainbow trout season which runs from the Saturday nearest to 1 October in any year to the Sunday nearest 31 May in the following year. Other exceptions include waters open all year round, closed waters and waters with restricted opening, such as spawning creeks. The open season for all waters is listed in the Inland Waters Database, which can be searched according to name, location, fishing method or season.

Please refer to the following site for full details :


It’s all a little bit confusing down there. Please see local regulations or try to make heads or tails of the limited information provided on the following website :


Inland waters south of Greenough (29°S latitude) and above the tidal influence are open to salmonid fishing all year round. Size and bag limits still apply.

Note: No fishing is permitted in the Shannon River at any time.

Please refer to the following site for full details :

PLEASE NOTE : Whilst every effort has been made to provide correct and up to date information here, this should only be used as a guide.

Please consult your local authorities regarding specific date, limitations and locations of trout and salmonid closures in your local waters.

If you are ever unsure, do not assume. Always check with the appropriate authorities and please respect trout spawning routines at the start and finish of each season. The fish don’t have a calendar to go by, so don’t simply assume they are not on the job because the state deems it suitable to fish. Leaving spawning trout alone is the best way to ensure future stock levels for continued fishing.