The Gamakatsu SC15-2H Heavy Wide Gap Fly Hook is the perfect hook for all Tarpon and Billfish style flies. It has a load of applications for other Australian species and even works as a large tube fly hook. This is a tough hook with heavy duty wire and a wide gape, so a 5/0 SC15-2H comes in similar in size to a 6/0 SL12S.

Features Include:

Straight Eye
2 x Heavy Duty Wire
Quantity per pack varies according to hook size
Tin plated
Tarpon and Billfish Flies

Available in the following sizes and quantities per packet.

size 3/0 – 10 hooks per packet

size 4/0 – 7 hooks per packet

size 5/0 – 7 hooks per packet


Of course,it’s not just the Gamakatsu SC15-2H, we keep a wide range of fly tying hooks here at the Troutlore store. You can find them all in the Hooks category. But, if you can’t find a product you are specifically looking for, get in touch and we will see if it can be sourced, and kept in stock. Plus, you can keep up to date with new releases through our newsletter and social media outlets.