Upavon Premium HD Foam Body Sheets are designed for those who love foam bodies but don’t have the time to cut them individually. These are the answer. with our pre cut foam bodies which ensure consistent shape and size combined with our best selling Premium HD foam material. Simply push the bodies out of the sheets when required to create segments or tie straight to the hook. Created using our in house manufacturing methods, these handy sheets are made in the UK.

  • 100mm x 140mm x 2mm sheets
  • Body sizes carefully selected in proportion to patterns and vary from 20-30mm long
  • Each sheet contains half smaller size and half larger size bodies
  • Between 20-25 pieces per sheet depending on shape/size


  • Beetle (black)
  • Caddis/Hopper (green)
  • Mayfly (tan)
  • Damselfly (blue)

Upavon Fly Fishing® are a global brand and fly fishing supplies company who design and manufacture high quality, unique products from raw materials. The majority of our Upavon branded fly fishing products are designed and manufactured in the UK; ensuring genuine quality control, supporting local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint.

Of course, we stock a huge range of foam blocks and sheets to suit all your fly tying needs. In fact, we’re always adding to this range so there’s always a good reason to see if there are an newly added chenille products in the Foam Category of the Troutlore Flytying Store. If you can’t find a product you are specifically looking for, get in touch and we will see if it can be sourced, and kept in stock. Plus, you can keep up to date with new releases through our newsletter and social media outlets.