Upavon Breather Yarn comprises of soft, fine, floating Polypropylene fibres. The ultra supple composition results in a more natural appearance for Chironomid, Buzzer and dry fly breathers. The hydrophobic properties also make it an excellent material for small floating patterns with parachute posts and shucks.

Upavon Breather Yarn is far finer, and softer than most poly yarns on the market, with an almost nylon feel. This makes it ideal for small midge patterns where standard poly yarns offer too much bulk, mass and rigidity.

At least 1 metre per pack
Presented on reusable yarn winder
Now available in a range of olours

Upavon by name, Avon by nature. Born on the banks of the River Avon, Upavon Fly Fishing® are a global brand and fly fishing supplies company who design and manufacture high quality, unique products from raw materials. The majority of our Upavon branded fly fishing products are designed and manufactured in the UK; ensuring genuine quality control, supporting local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint.

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