UNI Soft Wire is the perfect solution for those who swear by wire underbodies or direct-dubbing on wire. It’s for this reason that UNI introduced the UNI Soft Wire. The softness of this wire makes it easier to use than standard wires. So for regular body ribbing, and especially on full body ribbing like in the Copper john pattern, this stuff is a joy to work with.

Because of being less ‘springy’, it wraps easier and is less likely to break. This non-tarnishing wire is ideal for wire nymph patterns, nymph thoraxes/abdomens & for ribbing on lures (Taupo style wet flies).

UNI Soft Wire 7g Features:

Superior quality wire
Less ‘springy’
Wraps easier
7 grams of wire on each spool
Wire Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

As a handy reference on sizing, Large Uni soft wire is approximately the same as Medium ultra wire, Medium size Uni soft wire is approximately the same size as brBrassie size ultra wire.

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