Introducing the Troutlore Dry Fly Hackle Pack, which features a selection of long hackle feathers perfect for a range of dry fly tying applications. Each pack contains 12 feathers, ranging between 10 and 16 inches. Extra feathers are added if any are shorter than this. These will tie up to 20 flies per feather, depending on the size and pattern being tied. Obviously, a sparse Catskills fly uses a lot less hackle wraps that a fully wrapped Stimulator.

This pack is made up of just one colour of hackle – Dark Brown Dun feathers, mostly in the #10 – #16 size range. These include select feathers from both Whiting and Hebert Miner saddles, and are all high quality dry fly tying feathers.

At Troutlore, we want you to have the best choice of the best feathers possible to create perfectly floating dry flies. If you can’t see the colour of cape you are after, please feel free to get in touch and we will do what we can to get you the feathers you need.

Of course, if you want to create all sorts of natural looking fly patterns, then our ever growing range of natural feathers is the ideal place to start. Aside from all the hackles, marbou, Coq De Leon and Cul De Canard that we have on offer, you can find some real gems the Other Feathers Category of the Troutlore Flytying Store. If you can’t find a product you are specifically looking for, get in touch and we will see if it can be sourced, and kept in stock. Plus, you can keep up to date with new releases through our newsletter and social media outlets.