The Lost Fly Peacock Herl bundle offers more herl in one pack than our small bundle, with plenty of high quality strung peacock herl in each pack. Great for a range of tying uses including including neck collars and bodies. Essential for tying Royal Wulff patterns, Red Tag patterns and and excellent replacement for dubbing as the thorax for just about any nymph pattern. The iridescent nature of peacock herl gives your fly a natural flash in the light that trout find irresistible.

This pack contains a 2-3 inch wide bundle of strung peacock herl,  with strands ranging from 4 to 8 inches in length.Each bundle contains plenty of peacock herl to get you through a season of tying all range of fly patterns.

Brent Bowerman is the proud owner of The Lost Fly, a flyfisherman and flytyer with passion. He creates custom flies and materials from the wealth of knowledge he has collected over the years working in the Tasmanian fly fishing industry. We are very fortunate at Troutlore to have had Brent offer his products to us, so that we can share them with the wider Australian fly tying community. These will soon begin to appear in the flies that we use ourselves on the rivers and streams of Victoria. If you’re all about #tieyourown then we have The Lost Fly products to help you create your own fish-fooling masterpieces, including The Lost Fly Premium Deer Hair. If you are looking for quality tied flies lovingly prepared to order, then please contact Brent at

Of course, if you want to create all sorts of natural looking fly patterns, then our ever growing range of natural feathers is the ideal place to start. Aside from all the hackles, marabou, Coq De Leon and Cul De Canard that we have on offer, you can find some real gems the Other Feathers Category of the Troutlore Flytying Store. If you can’t find a product you are specifically looking for, get in touch and we will see if it can be sourced, and kept in stock. Plus, you can keep up to date with new releases through our newsletter and social media outlets.