Tasmanian Mayflies is an essential reference on Tasmania’s diverse mayflies, ideal for aquatic biologists and flyfishers.

Mayflies are one of the world’s most diverse, abundant and important aquatic insects. Famous for their brief adult life spans, mayflies play a key role in the ecology of aquatic and associated terrestrial ecosystems, and are critical bioindicators of ecosystem health.

Sitting at the southern limit of Australia’s temperate zone, Tasmania is home to a diverse array of mayflies and renowned fisheries based on them. The state’s storied ‘Lambda Dun’ hatches bring fishers from all over Australia to try their luck each summer on its rivers and ponds. Yet little is known about their behaviour and ecology, and more than half of the mayflies in Tasmania have never been described.

This extensively illustrated book is the first synthesis of the biology of south-east Australia’s mayflies, with a focus on those in Tasmania. It combines information gleaned from scientific literature as well as more than 30 years of the author’s studies and flyfishing experiences. It explores the biology, identification, conservation, ecology and behaviour of mayflies, and also includes fishing strategies and fly patterns.

Tasmanian Mayflies is an essential information source for Australia’s aquatic biologists and for flyfishers, novice and experienced alike, who chase the insects and the fish that feed on them.

Format : Paperback – 219 pages

Dimensions – 249mm x 170mm

ISBN: 9781486316113


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