Kamasan B175 Trout Heavy Traditional Hooks are a brilliant extra-strong hook for big fish. The Kamasan B175 Heavy Nymph Hook series is the heavy wire version of the B170. One of the most popular hooks we stock, in a heavy gauge wire. This series is good for giving flies extra weight, and is ideal when extra strong hooks are needed for big fish. This is the biggest selling Kamasan hook, so make sure you have a pack in your tackle box!

Kamasan B175 Trout Heavy Traditional Hooks Features:

Biggest selling Kamasan hook
Chemically sharpened
Needle point
High carbon construction
Extra strong fly hooks
Heavy wire version of B170

The Kamasan B175 is arguably the best looking extra-strong high carbon fly hook for nymphs and conventional wet flies. The heavy wire gets the fly deeper quicker and the sproat the bend adds shape to the fly and strength to the point. These are the sort of nymph hooks that you can drag along the bottom of a stream and not worry. If you get caught up on a rock, odds are the B175 will dislodge the rock rather than straighten itself. That’s coming from personal experience in abusing these hooks repeatedly. This makes them the ideal hook for muscling big fish in small water.

Kamasan B175 hooks are available in packs of 25 or 100 hooks. See our separate listing for different quantities.

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