Hareline Double Pupil Brass Eyes are the non-toxic dumbbell fly tying eyes version of the popular Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes. Hareline recognizes that some fly tyers choose not to use lead wire or lead fly tying dumbbell eyes. This innovative thinking produced an extremely high quality series of fly tying eyes, dumbbells, or barbells whatever name one chooses to use that serve the same function of the traditional lead fly tying brass dumbbell eyes without the lead.
Add them to your streamers and clouser patterns. They really bring an extra level of pop to your flies. Great color options for trout, bass, saltwater, salmon, and steelhead flies. These great looking eyes have very prominent pupils which we feel is important in baitfish patterns. The Hareline Double Pupil Brass Eyes are a bit lighter than the lead version so be aware of that when choosing a size.

10 eyes per pack.

Small – 4.0mm
Medium – 4.8mm
Large – 5.5mm