We all know how fly fishers and fly tyers can be very finicky about what they want and use. Some keep their patterns such a secret, you may never know what they are after. It’s never easy to find a gift that they actually want, or don’t already have. So, why not get them the gift that they really want – a gift voucher for more tying materials! Of course, when you don’t know what your husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, nephew, niece, boyfriend, girlfriend or work colleague actually wants, let them decide.

The Troutlore Gift Voucher is the perfect way to allow your loved one to choose just what they want and need, and have it delivered to their door, free of charge.

Vouchers will be emailed in digital PDF format containing a unique coupon code the day after purchase if required on short notice, otherwise a printed copy will be mailed out for you to use if delivery time permits.