Firehole Slotted Stones are the newest product from Firehole Outdoors, and come as the obvious follow up to the first range of standard matte Firehole Stones. A second matte coated range of tungsten beads designed for use with either barbed or barbless hooks in a vibrant and exciting range of colours, but this range is slotted for nymphs that ride point up.

You guys were asking for these the moment Firehole Stones were announced, so i am very excited to finally be able to offer you Firehole Slotted Stones. Ideal for Euro Nymph patterns, jig hooks and basically just turning the world upside down!

This is the ONLY ALL MATTE OFFERING in the fly tying industry! Firehole Outdoors has been working with their manufacturer on the matte finish for over two years. It is strong. It is solid. Only the best for you!

As with Firehole Sticks, Joe and the team in Montana have established a quality control process for the Stones. Each box will be handled by someone here at Firehole Central as they inspect, label and add each box to inventory.

Currently available are slotted tungsten beads in the following sizes :  2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and 3.5mm

2.0mm – Hook Sizes #18 – #22

2.5mm – Hook Sizes #16 – #20

3.0mm – Hook Sizes #14 – #16

3.5mm – Hook Sizes #10 – #14

4.0mm – Hook Sizes #6 – #10


Each pack contains 28 slotted stones

Of course, we stock a big range of fly tying beads available, all kept in stock and ready to ship to Australian fly tiers.. These can be found in the  Beads Category of the Troutlore Flytying Store. If you can’t find a product you are specifically looking for, get in touch. We will see if it can be sourced, and kept in stock. Plus, you can keep up to date with new releases through our newsletter and social media outlets.