In Euro Nymphing, author Josh Miller addresses the essentials of this effective method of nymphing that has become so popular around the country. Part of a new series of fly-fishing tactics books that cover key areas in detail, with clear, straightforward writing.

  • Choose the right rod, reel, and line
  • Identify essential fly patterns that work the best
  • Get detailed instruction on casting and presenting your flies for the best drift and sight detection

Euro nymphing (also once called Czech nymphing) is a broad term for a wide range of subsurface fly-fishing techniques that rely on long leaders, light fly lines, and long rods. Because of the light lines, anglers can get better drifts, sink their flies faster, and detect even subtle strikes—with proper technique. Fly Fishing Team USA member Josh Miller is one of the most successful guides and coaches teaching this method, and in this book he shares everything he knows about approach, presentation, and choosing the right flies.

Format : Hardback – 192 pages

Dimensions – 229mm x 150mm

ISBN: 9780811771221


Industry Reviews

“Josh has condensed his 10,000 hours of nymphing experience within these pages, which I feel is a bargain of a lifetime. . . . I can guarantee you’ll grow as an angler after reading this book”

— George Daniel, author of Fly Fishing Evolution


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