These Bug Legs are a high sheen, flat rubber legs in a Hot White Clear base and then dyed to high sheen colors. These are absolutely beautiful and offer plenty of movement when used for stonefly nymph legs and for an added texture variety in streamers. Bu Legs also make great bodies on caddis nymphs, mayfly nymphs and any midge etc, patterns. The material is incredibly strong and can be stretched to tie very small flies Each pack contains over 200 8″ strands of Bug Legs material. Many colours to choose from, please see our other listings to find a colour that works for your fly tying needs.

And of course, they work a treat on bass and cod patterns, especially when used with Flymen Surface Seducer popper heads.
Use on nymphs, wets, popper, dries or anything to add a lifelike appeal to your flies.